WAMFF is a collective effort by local women in Fresno, the Rape Counseling Services and the Women’s Studies Program at Fresno State. Our goal is to celebrate the local talent of women in Fresno and to heal through art and music of the destructive epidemic that gender-based violence creates. We want to encourage women not only to develop their art and music but also their professional careers. This is why all of our efforts from this event will be donated to paid internship for Women’s Studies students who want to work in the elimination of gender-based violence.


Our vision is to create awareness of the epidemic of gender-based violence in Fresno. We seek to empower local women by supporting their art, musical talents, and professional careers.


Our mission is to celebrate local women’s talent in Fresno, and to fundraise for paid internships for students in the Women’s Studies Program at Fresno State.

All proceeds go to fund paid internships for Fresno State students at RCS Fresno, whose mission is to end rape and sexual violence and empower survivors while supporting safe, consensual relationships.